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    Primavera Activities


      Does anyone know how we can attach contracts to the activities that are created in the schedule sheet?

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          Hi Venkatesh,

          I think you need to attach contract documents (word, pdf etc.) to the activities in your project schedule, right?

          Well you can do it by going to the WP's and Docs tab and inserting all the various documents that need to be attached in the schedule. Once done with it, go to the activities tab and assign the documents as required.


          Prasanna Babli
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            Hi Prasanna,

            Sorry I was not clear on the Product part I was asking for Primavera Unifier, not for Primavera P6.
            Please share if you know about the process in unifier also.

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              OJEK Arbogast - Oracle
              As of this writing Primavera Unifier does not support attaching files to individual activities. However there is the ability to attach a file to the Comments associated to Schedule Sheet itself. There is also the ability to define Scope Manager which links Business Process records to the individual activities, and in turn files can be attached to the linked BP record.