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    DBSTART auto not working...

      I have used this note: 281912.1 for enabling auto start upon boot.....

      environment is 2 node RAC with ASM.... but for some reason, it doesnt work...
      I dont see any error messages,......

      any ideas?

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          Balazs Papp
          what happens if you run the scripts manually?

          anyway, why bother with this if you have Grid Infrastructure (11.2 RAC)?
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            why bother with this?

            The DB does not start automatically after reboot....
            so i need to check to make sure they do
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              Peter Häusler
              you are on the wrong way with node 281912.1.

              In a RAC System for example Linux the Grid Infrastruturce should spawn automaticly. If it starts successfully and the start requirements are meet it would start your databases as long they are registerd in the Cluster Layer as active ressource.

              So first you must check your cluster layer in a rac system. Also the log files in GRID_HOME/log.

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                Hi Peter

                SRVCTL reveals that server pool is already registered in Clusterware and also....
                Start Options: Open.

                Does that mean its enabled for restart?
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                  Peter Häusler
                  first you should check is your cluster status. After reboot and the clusterware has started you should do
                  [root@rac01 ~]# $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl status res -t
                  NAME           TARGET  STATE        SERVER                   STATE_DETAILS       
                  Local Resources
                                 ONLINE  ONLINE       rac01                                        
                                 ONLINE  ONLINE       rac02                                        
                  All Reources have a status and also your db. TARGET and State is that what you should check.

                  If you get a status then also check your registerd database.
                        1        ONLINE  ONLINE       rac01                    Open                
                        2        ONLINE  ONLINE       rac02                    Open                
                  If your status is OFFLINE but the target is ONLINE check your logfiles
                  If the command not work, check your cluster status and the logfiles.
                  If your database is not listed as in the example check your registration

                  Maybe you have not set the dependency diskgroups for a database, in that case it can fail because the database starts even the diskgroup is offline.

                  Try to start with crsctl

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                    Start options: open
                    Stop options: immediate
                    Database role: PRIMARY
                    Management policy: AUTOMATIC
                    Server pools: use1prod
                    Database instances: use1prod1,use1prod2
                    Disk Groups: DATA
                    Mount point paths:
                    Type: RAC
                    Database is administrator managed

                    Above is from srvctl config command...

                    Let me check the other output and post it here
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                      Local Resources
                      ONLINE ONLINE useqxdbx1p
                      ONLINE ONLINE useqxdbx2p
                      ONLINE ONLINE useqxdbx1p
                      ONLINE ONLINE useqxdbx2p
                      ONLINE ONLINE useqxdbx1p
                      ONLINE ONLINE useqxdbx2p

                      DB opn node 1, which is the one I am testing on says

                      1 OFFLINE OFFLINE Instance Shutdown
                      2 ONLINE ONLINE useqxdbx2p Open
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                        Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

                        the Oracle Grid Infrastructure remembers the status of the DB before the restart of the clusterware.
                        Hence if you did a normal shutdown of the DB before you did restart the node, the GI will not start the instance.
                        However if you simply did restart the node without shutting down the instance in advance, the instance would have been started.
                        So everything works as expected. Just make sure, you don't shutdown the DB manually, and the cluster will take care to restart the DB in any case.

                        You can see this on the "TARGET". If TARGET is OFFLINE, then the instance will not be started. If TARGET is ONLINE, it will be. The TARGET changed to offline, because you manually did shutdown the instance.