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    Extract / Pump process of golden gate abending without any errors

      DB OS : AIX 6.1
      Golden Gate : Version 12871116
      We are facing an issue with our GG extract and pump processes…

      Since our production server RAM Utilization was high, we have reduced our SGA Size of our production database from 275GB to 230GB ( value suggested by ADVISE option in emctl ) yesterday. After this we had restarted the production server to increase the maxuproc ( max_number_user_process) parameter for AIX-OS from 4096 to 6500. After system restart, we were not able to start the GG extract / pump processess, which were running in the machine ( they are getting abended immediately after starting ).

      We have raised and SR for the issue and SR Number is 3-6736065801

      Any effect of SGA reduction on GG processes ? Any other hints ?

      No errors are seen in golden gate logs

      One obervation is, once an extract is started it runs for 1 minuts and then abended. Whle running following processes are seen in DB server :

      DC_FED_DB(root):/finarch/FEDDB>ps -ef | grep 44368990
      ggate 56819976 44368990 0 13:00:51 - 0:00 oracleFEDDB (DESCRIPTION=(LOCAL=YES)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=beq)))
      root 7996544 63112086 0 13:01:08 pts/9 0:00 grep 44368990
      ggate 44368990 50923194 31 13:00:51 - 0:09 /ggate/extract PARAMFILE /ggate/dirprm/e2_tre.prm REPORTFILE /ggate/dirrpt/E2_TRE.rpt PROCESSID E2_TRE USESUBDIRS
      ggate 21759438 44368990 110 13:00:51 - 0:06 oracleFEDDB (DESCRIPTION=(LOCAL=YES)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=beq)))

      After abending, the PID is seen killed and no oracle connections are seen established in database server from goldengate

      Thanks in advance for help...