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    Get Journalizing Columns using getSrcColList()

      In my LKM, I want to get the Source columns from a Journal view (JV$), including the journalising columns (JRN_SUBSCRIBER, JRN_FLAG and JRN_DATE).

      In the corresponding interface, I have ticked the "Journalized Data Only" checkbox for the source table.

      I have included the following code in the "Load Data" step of the IKM:

      <%=odiRef.getSrcColList("", "", "[ALIAS_NAME]\t[ALIAS_SEP][ALIAS_NAME]", ",\n\t", "")%>

      However, the above code does not return the JRN_SUBSCRIBER, JRN_FLAG and JRN_DATE columns, even though the API documentation (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14571_01/integrate.1111/e12645/odiref_reference.htm#CIAIIAAD) specifies that "If there is a journalized datastore in the source of the interface, the three journalizing pseudo columns JRN_FLG, JRN_DATE and JRN_SUBSCRIBER are added as columns of the journalized source datastore."

      Can you please tell me how to get the three journalizing pseudo columns using getSrcColList()?

      Thank you.