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    oracle 10g on AIX 5.3


      i have installed oracle 10g R2 on IBM-AIX 5.3.
      oraclesoftware is installed successfully
      but while i m creating database using dbca i m getting ORA - 01031:insufficient Priviledges.(plz find the attached error snap)
      Though, there are no permission issue... i have given proper permission to perticular dir.
      my os user oracle is under oinstall group
      so... finally i have searched in metelink... according to metalink. plz read below
      NOTE: All Oracle 9i Database and Oracle 10g Database customers who are running on AIX 5L V5.3 Technology Level 5 (TL 5300-05) must install the IBM AIX PTF for APAR IY89080. Until the PTF is made available, an interim fix is available for download at:
      Select the link for “Interim Fix” and then the “Download” tab. Details about installing Interim Fixes can be found under the “Enable” tab.
      In addition, Oracle customers should contact Oracle support to obtain the fix for Oracle Bug 5496862.
      so have download and installed the os patch but i m unable to find the corresponding oracle patch...
      is my problem related to BUG 5496862 or it is different
      plz suggest.