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    Appointment booking application - Calendar or a custom component

      I am building an ADF application that books appointments for few resources, say 4 rooms against single calendar. I have given a pictorial view that I am trying to achieve.

      Time | Room1 | Room2 | Room3 | Room4
      09:00 |--Slot1------|---Slot2--|-----------|--Slot4
      09:15 |--------------|------------|--Slot3---|--------
      09:30 |--------------|------------|-----------|--------
      10:00 |--------------|------------|---------- |--------

      A few key points:
      -Slots differ in start time, end time, duration from other rooms as shown above.
      - I am interested in only a day view.
      - User should be able to interact with slots.(Click and book appointment, Slots should be displayed in different color based on booked status)

      Analysis: I considered day view of ADF calendar component, and left with a few questions.

      *1. Does calendar support grouping view activities under one column? and Does it support multiple columns in a day view?*
      *2. Would you suggest any other component to do the job?

      A similar requirement is raised in this [ADF EMG group|https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/adf-methodology/XAilw6EkV44] , but couldn't find a solution there.

      Kindly advise.