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    Studio error

      hi experts,

      Could anyone please help regarding this error..

      Record #2 - Incorrect Dimension [attribute Dimension Name] For Member [Member name] (3308)
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          Record #2 - Incorrect Dimension [attribute Dimension Name] For Member [Member name] (3308)
          ^^^It reads as though you are trying to assign an invalid attribute dimension to a base member. Sort of like assigning Sample.Basic's Population attribute to the Product dimension.

          Do you have an attribute assignment in your load rule? Is it to the right dimension?


          Cameron Lackpour
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            Hi Cameron,
            In studio i assigned every thing properly.. i set base members and children's properties correctly i am not doing anything in EAS.
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              It means you have already used that name in another dimension. say you have the member name "Blue" in the product dimension and then you try to use the same member name in the color attribute. Search the outline (including aliasses) for the name it complains about and see where it is being used