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    Load Image at runtime ADF

      hi all, i'm trying put some images at the ADF application. I want to do when a query return data (one Row, adf form read only) show a image from this article. For example my query return some differents cars I want show a image from this car and when I pass that other row, i want see the other car.

      some suggestion??

      thanks a lot!!!
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          you can use a servlet for getting the images.
          this post by Timo explains the tecnique http://tompeez.wordpress.com/2011/12/16/jdev11-1-2-1-0-handling-imagesfiles-in-adf-part-3/
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            Thanks for reply, but the answer doesn't work for my Application, so if it worked is this example is so similar that yours http://www.adeeloracle.com/2011/12/upload-and-display-image-from-database.html.
            Thanks for answer, and I trying adapt your example for other proyect.

            Now I change my question for this:+
            How I can load this images not from database, but from PATH in the application?? for example when employees_id = 100 show image from this employee, when the employees_id = 200 show image from this employee. This images must be loaded from path in the application containing all employee's images.+

            Thanks a lot again!!!!

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              Timo Hahn
              The thread is marked answered, so is this question still open?

              I recommend to open a new thread with the question, if you are still interested in an answer.