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    Where To Find Liscencing Information For ADF

      I am striking out on my own as a lone developer (been around a LONG time) and was wondering if someone could point me to the information for licensing information for the ADF. I'll probably start off with the ADF Essentials but want to know the full blown licensing information if/when that need arises. Thanks.

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          Timo Hahn
          You find it here: http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/pricing/index.html
          The Global Pricing and Licensing page on Oracle.com provides links to the latest Oracle price lists and license information.
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            Frédéric Desbiens-Oracle

            This FAQ contains detailed information about ADF licensing:


            To summarize: The ADF license is included in the WebLogic Server license. You must buy an ADF license if you want to deploy « full-ADF applications » (not Essentials) on other application servers. From the FAQ:
            At the time of writing the licence cost is 5,800 USD per processor, or 120 USD per named user plus, support is also available for purchase. Please consult the technology price list for the latest license costs and for the definition of "processor" and "named user plus" in this context.
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