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    Unable to create and load a csv file with Headers

      Hi Everyone,
      Greetings !!

      We have a requirement to load the data from a table to a csv file. CSV file should be in delimited format with quotes as text separator. And Dates should not be enclosed by quotes.

      I have implemented this using IKM SQL to File Append IKM with headers option to yes. And by using ODIOutFile to create a file.

      but, i am getting multiple errors.

      1. If we have a column of Numeric datatype, Row Header was not generated. But data gets loaded.
      2. If we have a date column, throwing error
      3. If i made all columns as string type - all columns data was enclosed in quotes.

      cant we have data types for a csv file?

      can anyone please help me on solving this.

      Thank you