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    Sales hierarchy . role based reports and Data access, Best practice and sol

      Dear all,

      Currently working on a solution for Sales. There a geography and sales position hierarchy.

      e.g. (USA,EU,ASIA) --> EU head -->UK head -->Northern UK head -->London head -->East london--> Postal codes in east london.

      so altogether 7 roles and 7 positions, all these users can see data at it's level and below.

      Also the summary report/ Prompts/ subject area columns for each of these users must be at their corresponding level and just 1 level below.

      e.g. EU head by default must see column EU and country UK, UK head will see report only for UK and Northern UK region and so on.

      After lots of thinking i am planing to take approach of creating 6 sets of similar dashboard/ different prompts/ different global filters/ reports.

      Data level access is not at all issue i am easily able to manage.
      Request experts to guide is there is any other better approach to take for objects in catalog.?

      many thanks in advance.