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    API Throwing Error

    User430585 -Oracle
      Hi Gurus,

      i am getting the following error message for an API of Oracle HRMS.

      ORA-20001: Cannot perform a delete with child rows existing in the future

      Cause: You are attempting to do a date effective delete where child rows will exist in the future.

      Action: Clear your changes and remove any future child rows.

      i have checked there are no future dated changes for the entries, which i am using in the api.

      my api is as follows :-
      o_ovn number :=2;
      o_effective_start_date date := NULL;
      o_effective_end_date date := NULL;
      (p_validate => TRUE,
      p_effective_date => to_date('28-MAR-2014'),
      p_datetrack_delete_mode => 'DELETE',
      p_org_payment_method_id =>385,
      p_object_version_number => o_ovn,
      p_effective_start_date => o_effective_start_date,
      p_effective_end_date => o_effective_end_date
      exception when others then

      what could be the reason for the api throwing such an eroor even if i increment the effective date to 2020. it is throwing same error.

      any inputs is highly appreciable.

      thanks in advnace