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    Update Context File Manually

      I am working on bringing up a 12.1.3 EBS VM Template instances on Amazon EC2 and one of the last steps in the MetaLink Doc ( 1205963.1) askes that I update the applications context file (see below)

      How can I update these values manually since I am unable to logon to Oracle Applications and change these values?

      Thanks in advance!

      The web entry point parameters in the Oracle E-Business Suite applications context file is now pointing to the private hostname. Since this host is not resolvable from the internet, you need to change the values for these variable as shown in the table below.

      For eg: For a Web Entry Point URL : http://ec2-204-236-244-202.compute-1.amazonaws.com

      Autoconfig Variable

      s_login_page : http://ec2-204-236-244-202.compute-1.amazonaws.com/OA_HTML/AppsLogin
      s_webentryhost : ec2-204-236-244-202
      s_webentrydomain : compute1.amazonaws.com
      s_active_webport 80
      s_http_listen_parameter      80
      s_https_listen_parameter 443