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    Bmm Help


      I have following tables in physical layer - which are at different levels.

      Dim1: Year, State ,State id 10 records
      Dim2: Year, State, County , County id 90 records
      Dim3: Year, State, County, City, City id 150 records

      Fact table in Physical and bmm layer holds: Year, State, county, City but not id's.

      Can i create only Dim table in Bmm layer with columns Year, State, County, City. And, make sure Year column holds logical mapping for all Dim1, Dim2, Dim3.
      And, State for all 3 Dim's.
      And, county for only Dim2, Dim3.
      And, city for only Dim3.

      Is this right approach ?

      Please, let me know your feedback.

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          Approach is okay to me.

          Did you find any hidden hill with this approach?

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            I was able to do this one but i'm having problems while generating reports.
            Some, times my report throwing errors - in regards to logical joins and detailed level...blah.. blah.. What might be the reason ?
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              Say i' generating report -- like this

              Year, State, County, City ---- It throws error for some reason

              And if i do this one

              City, County, State, Year ---- Works
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                That might be the reason for LTS.. try to map those tables to Dim1.

                If you still have same issue let me know the message

                You havent mentioned how they mapped to the fact
                If it is like
                then you may go for diff logical tables for Dims
                if not you have to Map them to Dim1

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                  In physical layer it was mapped as

                  Fact - Dim1
                  Fact - Dim2
                  Fact - Dim3

                  In, busin. layer i have Dim1 mapped to Fact intially, then drag and dropped Dim2 and Dim3 into Dim1. So, it creates all the columns. And, if the column exists in all the dim's such as year, state present in all Dim's so those two columns are mapped to all Dim's L.T.S

                  Where as County is present in only 2 Dim's so it is mapped for only 2 Dim's as per L.T.S

                  Thank you.