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    Need help with a taskflow and executewithparams

      Hi guys,

      First I would like to apologize if it seems to be an easy problem for you, but I have been spending too much time on this...

      Here is my need :

      I have a page in my unbounded taskflow called ProjectLists. In this page, I want to put a region of a taskflow that will handle multiple page fragments such as ViewProjectLists, EditProjectLists, etc. Let's call this taskflow "ProjectListsTaskFlow". I have a view object called ProjectListsVO and another one called ProjectListDetailVO. A "ProjectList" can contains many "ProjectListDetail".

      On my ViewProjectLists page fragment, which is the default Activity of this taskflow, I have drag-dropped my datacontrol inside ProjectListView, the "child", "ProjectListDetailView", so that I can get a "master table - detail table". So far, everything works like a charm.

      Now my goal is to show only ProjectLists of the current user only. This is where all the fun starts. I would like to add that I can get this EmployeeId by calling a bean that can retrieve me this information.

      I have tried so many ways, I can't list them all and none of them have worked so far. I first started to add a required bind variable to my view object ProjectListVO and then add the where clause in my ViewObject to get only the project lists of this employee. Then, I drag-dropped the executewithparams of my view on the taskflow "ProjectListsTaskFlow". As the value I try to put the employeeId from a bean as the value but it doesn't seems to work. I also have put my default activity to my executewithparams and add a link from executewithparams to my first page fragment. Every time it seems that there is no employeeId passed to that executewithparams.

      Can someone be able to guide me from here to achieve my goal?