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    GL hierarchy

    Robert Angel

      can anyone point me at a document which details what needs populating in Oracle e-business to utilise GL reporting hierarchies on the standard chart of account segments and which folder / subject area in OBIA to access to use it?

      Or failing that words of one syllable would also be good...


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          If required info is available in product guide then check this
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            Robert Angel
            Thanks - but unless I am missing something obvious this does not help, I am after practical advice on what you would need to populate to use the GL Hierarchy functionality in OBIA.


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              You might need to update the file file_glacct_segment_configur_ora.csv using query like below
              a.id_flex_num chart_of_accounts_id
              , b1.segment_name segment1
              , b1.flex_value_Set_id seg1_flex_value_Set_id
              , b2.segment_name segment2
              , b2.flex_value_Set_id seg2_flex_value_Set_id
              , b8.segment_name segment8
              , b8.flex_value_Set_id seg8_flex_value_Set_id
              from FND_ID_FLEX_STRUCTURES_VL a
              , FND_ID_FLEX_SEGMENTS_VL b1
              , FND_ID_FLEX_SEGMENTS_VL b2
              , FND_ID_FLEX_SEGMENTS_VL b8
              where a.id_flex_Code = 'GL#'
              and a.id_flex_Code = b1.id_flex_Code
              and a.id_flex_num = b1.id_flex_num
              and a.application_id = b1.application_id

              Followed by rpd config for those hierachies with segment changes
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                Robert Angel
                Thanks - but I am looking to update the actual table(s) via ETL without going via the csv, is there anywhere that details which tables are involved, this is all I need.


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                  Not sure about updates from ETL, there might be from dac check it once.
                  Lineage doc might help you.

                  You may find Lineage ref links in same link.

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                    Veeresh Rayan
                    W_GL_ACCOUNT_D and W_GL_GROUP_ACCOUNT_D,W_HIERARCHY_D(Dont remember exact name) tables being involved in it..

                    You can not directly modify the actual tables.Since Three .CSV files (group_acct,group_acct_names,fin_stmt) plays major important roles in the calculation of metrics and also routing accounts transaction.
                    Based on the combination(W_GL_COGS_F,W_GL_OTHER_F,W_AP_XACT_F,W_AR_XACT_F etc table are loaded).

                    You try changing the these 3 csv files and ensure to run full load every configuration change(or run group account cleaning task).

                    -For any further information you can refer lineage doc.

                    Please mark if it helps.

                    Veeresh Rayan
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                      Robert Angel
                      Thanks, I have awarded points.

                      I did find these myself, but the extra detail on how they are accessed is welcome.

                      Unfortunately I do not think this is a solution for me with my clients current requirement as they want to apply a reporting hierarchy based on the code combination, so effectively each code combination id (gl_code_combinations back in Oracle GL e-business) will have one, many or no reporting structure applied to it, and in addition to this from that initial code => parent there will also be numerous levels of parent => parent.

                      These tables seem to link solely on one segment value, not the combination of all segment values.

                      I think therefore that the only way to do this is on a purely custom basis.

                      thanks for your input,