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    Basic Booking System

      Hi there! First of all apologies if I am posting in the incorrect section of the forums - for this is the first time I have come across the website.
      I am hoping for some advise (for a novice user of Oracle Apex) on how to create a basic booking system - let's say for instance I want to book a day and a time (i.e. Monday 14:00-15:00) to hire a boat.
      Now I know how to create tables and such, so I'm not a completely helpless case, although I am close. What would be the next step? I need this booking system to be for someone who just wants to click a few times and create the booking; nothing complicated. So I need to know how I would go about designing the layout for something like this as well! I can understand if anyone who is reading this is just face palming themselves but I could really do with the help please. I also know it is a little vague so any kind of input would be greatly appreciated!
      I just need to create a very basic booking system and I would be eternally happy, anyway - thank you.

      I am using Application Express 4.1.0 if that is of any help too.