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    Need to Implement ASM

      Hi ,

      We have a requirement to implement ASM in our test database. Could you please help me on this .

      Details of our database:
      1)     Oracle version :
      2)     OS : Sun solaris 10
      3)     DB size : 1 TB


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          What do you mean implement ASM?

          Anyway, manual is here.
          ASM has been integrated to Grid Infrastructure.

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            Hemant K Chitale
            In 11.2, ASM is part of the Grid Infrastructure install. And GI must be installed in a dedicated ORACLE_HOME before installing the RDBMS in a separate ORACLE_HOME.

            If you server only has the RDBMS installed, you'd need to check with Oracle Support as to how you can install GI and configure ASM (and then migrate your database datafiles from filesystem to ASM).

            If you are planning to go to ASM on a separate server, remember that you must install GI with ASM first. Therefore, the underlying disk volumes / LUNs must be assigned and available before you run ASMCA (ASM Configuration Assistant) as part of the ASM install.

            Hemant K Chitale
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              Thanks for the response Sir. Yes, ASM has been integrated to Grid Infrastructure and that the new feature of 11g R2 Grid Installation.

              To be more specific we dont have ASM File system and currently we have unix file system. so thats a reason planning to implement ASM filesystem.

              so could u please provide the prerequisites for implementation of ASM ?

              Please let me know if u need any more informations.


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                Hope this helps..

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                  Hemant K Chitale
                  After getting the storage team to allocate the required LUNs, you can run asmca from the Grid Infrastructure install.
                  (Note : In my experience, the default behaviour during GI is to also run ASMCA immediately to configure the ASM DiskGroups. If this hadn't been done earlier, you'd have to do it now).

                  Please see the oracle documentation from http://docs.oracle.com. I suggest you practice creating disk groups on a test server and storage.

                  Hemant K Chitale