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    WAR File to ATG

      Hi All,

      Can someone explain the below scenario.

      I have a war file and I need to integrate with ATG. Is it possible?.

      Also, If am planning to develop an simple java application with jsp & servlets currently and in future I am planing to migrate that into ATG.

      How we can develop so that it will accommodate minimal effort during migration to ATG.

      Please share your thoughts on this.

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          ATG is a proprietery framework and it is using so many proprietry features like Droplets, FormHandler etc.

          If your war file contains of plain jsp files and you want to use it with ATG engine, it is not possible. You need to rewrite your JSPs to leverage ATG features.

          You cannot migrate with minimal code effort, migrating a normal JSP/Servelets application to ATG means you are going to rewrite everything. You can copy-paste some of the business logic code but that doesnt means that you are re-using.