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      Hi all,

      I'm new to Apex.

      I'm having a problem when I want to download a CSV report from an interactive report, the thing here is that the interactive report has this SQL query code in its region source:
      APEX_ITEM.SELECT_LIST(1,'Y','Yes;Y,No;N') "Type",
      when the CSV file is displayed, it just comes blank, no information in it, I've been digging and found that the APEX_LIST.SELECT_LIST is making some sort of error that prevents the data to be displayed.

      In Report attributes, under column attributes, I have these columns: ID (NUMBER) (HIDDEN); ID_CATEGORY (NUMBER) (Display as text, escape special characters); NAME (STRING) (Display as text, escape special characters); TYPE (STRING) (Standard Report Column).

      when I make further research i found that the list only returns this code for each row in the table:
      <select name="f01" ><option value="Y" selected="selected">Yes</option><option value="N" >No</option></select>
      It seems that is not getting the returning values of the select list, should I make an item to store this values?, please help is pretty urgent.

      running on Apex, don't know which oracle DB is running, I believe is 11g

      Thanks in advance,
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          I do not see a problem with your query; not sure why the csv is coming blank. Can you make sure that the "Report Columns" region under "Report Print Attributes" (right click the report and select Print Attributes) has your columns with "Show in Report" set to "Yes". The hidden columns would obviously appear "Show in Report" set to "No".

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            Hi , i want to add values to a select list, every month i want to add mm/yyyy for the current month and year, but how can i do it not manually? anyone can help me?