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    problem after regestering a form on ebs

      db , dev 10g rel2 , vison 12 ,
      hi all ,
      i am trying to build a form and regestering it on ebs ,
      i am sure i made all steps correctly ,
      i opened the template , removed unwanted objects "block_name,%detail%" i do not remember the second name of the block , modified triggers "pre-form,when-new-form" , modified app_custom package , created my block on a new canvas with a new windows , inherited every new object i created , did everything , and the form is compiled and registered well , but when i try to press f11 to enter-query , the fields color does not change to blue , it is white , second thing , f4 does not close the form or cancel the query ,
      and i can not insert anything into the table .

      i've tried it once with per_all_people_f table , and another once with table i created ?
      how could i solve it ?
      thanks in advance