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    503 - Service Unavailable Error


      In my AIA Interface, EBS calls ProvABCS. If the transaction is taking more than 5 min, EBS is getting Bad response - 503 Error , but still the process is getting completed.

      My ReqABCS uses request/Reply operation and hence the error is thrown to caller.

      I have 2 queries here.

      1.After disabling all throw, still the error is thrown from ReqABCS to the caller.
      2.If the process is taking less than 5 min, am not getting any error. Already JTA and BPEL EJB beans Transaction timeouts are configured for 2400 and 1500 sec respectively. But, EBS is getting error as Bad response after 300 Seconds. Is there any configuration setting need to be done anywhere ?

      Please clarify.

      Thanks in advance,