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    entity row with key oracle.jbo.key is not found

      Hi All,

      Am using jdev

      I have created a updatable jspx page using view object based on entity object.
      it is working fine as expected normally.

      The issue is i have some concurrent program to check and process the updated records running parallely.
      once record got update from my page it will be processed by concurrent program and get deleted from the table(EO).
      So after updating and commiting the changes from UI if i left the page idle for some time(until the updated records get processed and deleted by background program).

      "Entity row with key oracle.jbo.key[primary key] is not found in Entity_object_name"

      i am getting the above error. since the deletion of record is not happening on the UI , i cant able to handle it java code.

      some one knidly let me know how to handle this scenario