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    ST6140 - controller reset

      Maybe you have heard about following issue :

      "A known issue with vxWorks RAID controller firmware for Sun StorageTek arrays (as listed in Section 2) may cause drives associated with host/IO volumes to experience write failures when the controllers reboot. This issue can occur after approximately 828.5 days of uptime, when vxWorks (by default) is scheduled for a simultaneous auto-reboot of the controllers...There is a timer in vxWorks (vxAbsTicks) that is a double word long 0x00000000 (a 32 bit number). cfgMonitorTask monitors this offset to avoid drive failure during IO to the disk, and reboots the controller once the vxAbsTicks reaches 0xff000000. When this timer rolls over from 0xffffffff to 0x00000000 (approximately 828.5 days) there is a possibility that if host I/O volumes exist, the associated drives will be failed with a write failure."

      I would like to determine the last reboot/reset of the storage controller and to appreciate the next controller reset before the reset occur because of the above described circumstances.
      I have collected 'supportData' and found in the file stateCaptureData.dmp following entries for each controller :
      Reboot : 2071939 secs.
      Rebooted : 58 times

      I'm not sure if this value show's the time since the last power cycle or since the last controller reset.
      Does anybody know how to determine the remaining time until the controller of the ST6140 will be reset ?
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          Nicolas Wipfli -Oracle

          I bet you collected this supportdata from a 6140 with expansion trays, because these outputs you gave in your extract are from the Page0x81 output for each expansion tray. Therefore, these output are only related to the reboot of the IOM in the expansion trays, they are unrelated to the controller reboot.
          You need to look at the majorEventLog.txt file in the supportdata, and do a search with "Start-of-day routine begun". If you do not have that entry for the previous reboot, this could mean that the log file already wrapped up, in which case we cannot tell you when the last reboot happened and we recommend you to proceed with a reboot as soon as you can.