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    CountNodes Vs Count

      Hi All,

      After long period of working on SOA suite, still i am confusing in usage of CountNodes and Count fun in Bpel. I couldn't find simple explanation so i landed here.

      Can some please tell me the difference between CountNodes and count function in Bpel and when to use these functions.

      Recently i create Bpel 1.0 service and used while loop for my scenario, in which i given CountNodes function, This worked fine. Later i tried the same case with Bpel 2.0 and in For each activity and gave countNodes function for getting final value, but this time it got failed. Later i tried with count function and got success.

      Now it so happened with Bpel 1.0 and bpel 2.0.

      I would appreciate if some one help me in understanding above function.