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    OWD and attachments


      my customer wants integrate an upload function (documents, forms) as part of an OWD interview. He wants to use OPA for self-service grants requests and the applicants have to deliver certain documents in addition to the interview data. Is it possible to implement this via custom screen? Do you have other ideas, how to fulfill this request.

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          If the file upload is to happen on a regular OWD screen along with other controls and text you can probably do this using a CustomControl.
          I wouldn't attempt store the bytes of the file in the session though, write the file bytes to a cache / temp store or whatever and write a handle to the document (e.g. a filename) into the session attribute. Then if the screen submission is a success (i.e. no errors) then commit the associated file to more permanent storage.

          I've never tried this - it's and interesting one - might try something out and let you know.

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            Just wondering if anybody has had any success in adding a File Upload Control?