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        wow, I just struggled for the last couple of hours with this installation before finding this thread. Even if Oracle's not listening, appreciate that other users gave me a leg up so I don't waste more time trying to connect to oracle from my mac. This has been our typical experience with Oracle ~ code that doesn't work, excuses about timelines, and a general disorganization that makes it tough to work with the company (and great ideas like 'use the 32-bit client in a 64-bit environment' or 'try a lovely VM!'). The good news is that our company is moving to other - more functional - platforms and tools (we've already moved our support staff off of the horrible Oracle EBusiness Suite, we're about to pull the plug on the equally poor Oracle BI, and our data warehouse is very close to being off of the lumbering Oracle RDBMS). I suspect our Oracle experience isn't unique.
        Again, appreciate the leg up from other users.
        • 46. Re: Instant client 64 bits broken on Mac Lion - Any hope?
          It's there!!! 32&64 bit...

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