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      Hello All,

      I have a summary report and a detail report. When I click on the summary report, it leads me to the detail report. I have added a column prompt on the detail report. Now, when I run the detail report individually, I see the prompt but when I run the summary report and click on the data link, the prompt wouldn't show up. The detail report displays the entire data.

      How can I fix this?

      Please Help!
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          If the prompt that you are setting is related to to the filters that you select on the summary prompt, then get rid of the prompt on th edetailed report and instead use the presentation variable from the summary report in the filter for the detailed report. You'll get your report filtered when you run it by clicking on the action link. We have iplemented the same thing in our project.
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            The column that I am selecting as the prompt in the details report is not related to the summary report. So when I click the action link on the summary report I would want to see the prompt first. Then when I select the prompt, I would want to see the details report.

            I really appreciate your help.

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              which version u r using... i was tested on it is working fine for me.
              -Summary report: Year, Revenue (Action link on revenue)
              -Detail report: Prodname, type, revenue. in detail report i was created pordname is col prompt.
              make sure detail report year is prompt. otherwise u will get the data for all years.

              pls mark it helps....
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                I am using I am unable to see the prompt on the details report. Any help is appreciated.

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                  Ok I take my answer back.

                  If the columns are the same between the detailed and summary. You do not have to use the prompts at all to filter the detail report. Just click is prompted.

                  As it is with your case, your columns are different, then create presentation variables for your summary report filter and then filter the detailed report by using the presentation variable from the summary report

                  YEAR Is in @{SUMMARY.YEARCOLUMN}

                  This answer just serves the purpose to apply the same filter across the summary and detailed report. if you have to display the selected value from teh summary report on the detailed report just to show the end user what filter did he select on the summary report, use the SUMMARY PV in the static text of the detailed report and place that static text object on top of your report. This way the client will know what all filter values he selected on Summary report.

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