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    Exception Encountered while attempting to send message[JMSExceptions:045103

      Hi - I need help on one the issue I am facing. It seems some minor mistake but unable to find that.

      I have a EJB code deployed on weblogic. I am using OSB business service to invoke EJB and publish data to JMS. I have setup all queue and JNDI properly but for some reason, I am keep on getting below error. I have google and fond couple of doc but all point to JMS server down .. I am able to access that queue through normal OSB project and able to publish data in it..

      Could someone pls what could be wrong I am doing.

      Exception Encountered while attempting to send message[JMSExceptions:045103]While trying to find a topic or a queue we could not find the specific JMSServer requested. The linked exception may contain more information about the reason for failure.