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    New Guy Question about Name Changes from Logical to Relational

      Sorry for the "New Guy" question. I am trying to do this the way I wished it worked rather than the way it does.

      Lets say I have an Entity named "Current Database" with an Attribute named "Current Database Name". All this is in plan english for the Logical Model. Now when I generate the Relational Model I would like the Table named "CDCD_CURRENT_DB" and the column named "CURRENT_DB_NAME".

      I have been working with a Glossary and some other features trying to get this to work. It kind of does but I do not fully get it and I think I am missing out on much of the power of the product. I have been forcing the Nickname "CDCD" (As we call it) and the "Database" to "DB" in the "Preferred Abbreviation" of the Entity.

      I am working with v3.3.0.734

      Thanks for the help.
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          Philip Stoyanov-Oracle
          Hi Sky13,

          it can be done with glossary but it looks to me what you want is not that native to glossary approach.
          it's good to look here for basics http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/datamodeler/datamodelernamingstandards-167685.pdf
          Example here also could be useful if you want to go with glossary - Re: Data Modeler: Naming
          If you want to use preferred abbreviation then it should be CDCD_CURRENT_DB.
          For me CDCD_ is just a prefix - you can handle it separately in relational model - on whole model, on subview and in both cases classification types also can be used to determine how objects are prefixed.
          You don't want Current to be abbreviated then do not put it in glossary however you need to check "Incomplete modifiers" check box in glossary.
          Entity property "Short name" goes to table abbreviation during engineering. There is a transformation script which will prefix table columns with table abbreviation if you need it. And another one can remove the prefix.
          You can define plural name in glossary and if entity name is a single word then plural will be used during name translation.