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    Bug Build MAIN-09.87 - Using GUI to truncate - Wrong table

      Here is what I am running into with this version of SQL developer. I can repeat this issue every time with these steps.

      From Connections, open a connection, list tables.

      Right click on table, select Privileges - Grant. Select the user ID, the actions & Apply. (you do not need to take these action, just go through the motions)
      At this point it does not seem to matter if I stay within this connection or select a different connection.

      Select a different table by clicking on it so it opens a new tab.
      Select Actions - Table - Truncate.

      At this point you would expect the pop-up to display the table you are trying to take action on, instead what happens is you are presented with the last table you took Privilege actions on. This will even open a closed connection to take these actions on.

      So if you are not paying careful attention, you are about to truncate the wrong table!

      I am also able to repeat this with where you are presented with the last table you went through the motions on for Privileges. (you do not have to take any actions.

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