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    Back button on OPA screen

    Ravindra D-Oracle

      We are using WSRP portlet to host OPA interview and would like to mimick the back button functionality on OPA screen.

      is there any easier way to accomplish this? will it involve significant amount of Custom code?
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          Linda P
          The portlet specification does not cater for a "Back" button/functionality, since the browser "Back" is a page-level concept, not an individual portlet concept.

          Your only option is significant code customisation.
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            Ravindra D-Oracle
            Thanks Linda for the quick response!

            Can you point me to some API which will be helpful to implement back button on OPA screen?
            I tried looking @ InterviewSession and i can get the next screen from session, but not sure how to get the previous screen.
            I understand that i have to go one step back in the interview session, but cannot find out a way to achieve it.

            The requirement is to put back button on OPA screen which will enable user to go back to previous screen in the interview.
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              Linda P
              The API does not give you direct access to previous screens. You may want to store a stack of previously visited screens in your plugin.

              This kind of functionality is pushing the boundaries of the portlet framework so we do not recommend it nor guarantee that it will work.
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                Hi Ravindra

                It is not entirely straightforward to create a back button for OWD, in portlet or servlet mode (presuming java), there are different techniques depending on required functionality and what type of investigation you are doing, Procedural Goal or Attribute Goal, I have implemented solutions for both many times and can point you in the right direction. Feel free to contact me directly.

                In fact ... I believe you are taking our OPA Technical Training course next week in San Francisco, there are some exercises in that that will help you a lot.


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                  Ravindra D-Oracle
                  Thanks Luke!

                  I will get in touch with you.
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                    adityaagr - oracle

                    Hi Luke,

                    I need to create a Previous button on my investigation/question page so that I can navigate from one tabular form to another. Can you please help me to get it done?

                    Thanks so much for your help in advance !


                    Note : I have created the OPA project and created the new question screen in it.


                    Best Regards,
                    Aditya Agrawal