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    Question about Siebel.

      hi, how are you,

      sorry for posting this in this forum, but i didnt find any other way to know this, since i dont know where to find experts to answer this.

      I have worked 2 years and a half in Incident support and implementation using siebel tools (7.7, 8.0,8.1) I made workflows, Eai, EIM, applets, bcs, eScript and all the other configuration in tools (consultant job)

      I received a job offer last week and I took it, this job is in the Support line of business and is about Siebel Technical architecture, performance tuning, components, alerts, support integration with other services, troubleshooting and monitoring production environment but nothing about siebel tools.
      I don't know nothing about this, and they will train me.

      but I'm most worried about my career.
      I want become a project leader in a future, I don't know anything about this type of career in the Support LOV.
      is worth it?, there is offers in the market for this position or is a waste of time?, is more rentable over time than siebel tools configuration?.

      thanks for all!

      and if this post is wrong please delete it and sorry but i didnt know another forum with so many experts..