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    Inexperienced student needs to deinstal win64_11gR2_database


      First let me just say I am a student. I am very inexperienced. I have messed up and I need to set things right. I have checked the forums and I cannot make heads or tails out of what I read so I am posting now. Please don't yell at me that I didn't read a post I should have. I am very, very new at this and I am stumbling about.

      The problem:
      I installed Oracle Database 11gR2 by downloading the ZIP files from Oracle's site. I got many, many errors. on top of that I was not supposed to instal it, I was supposed to install Oracle 11g Express. I want to uninstall and try again.

      Having read a few posts I got instructions for the following:

      1. I ran oracle installation products>Universal Installer
      2. I clicked Deinstall Products
      3. In the contents tab I selected the oraDb11g_home1 and clicked remove.
      4. A window popped up telling me to Please run the command: C:\app\Aharon\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1/deinstall/
      5. I did that. Nothing happened
      6. I went to the path and inspected the directory, noting that there was a .bat file there I ran C:\app\Aharon\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1/deinstall/deinstall.bat

      7. It ran but then asked me something about listeners. I don't know what that is.

      How can I De-install all oracle software and get back on the right track. Any help would be appreciated.