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    How to remove unused URLs from SmartView?

    Mehmet Sevinc
      Hi all,

      Sorry, if this has been covered here before but I couldn't find it. Is there a way to remove old or unused URLs from SmartView Shared Connections URL box? Currently, I have about 7 urls and I only need 3 of them.

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          Please check the below document:

          How to Delete the History of the Previously Used Shared Connection URLs from Smart View? (Doc ID 1470853.1)

          Contents of the document:


          Within the Smart View options dialogue, under "Advanced" within the "General" section, it's possible to set the "Shared Connections URL". Smart View automatically remembers the previously entered values, which can be selected from the drop down list. If you require to delete the Shared Connection URL history, you can do so by following the instructions provided below.


          On the client machine on which Smart View is installed;

          1. Close all MS Office applications to ensure that Smart View is not running
          2. Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to %APPDATA%\Oracle\Smartview
          3. Open the "properties.xml" with a text editor
          4. Remove the values between the two tags below and save the file


          5. Open the desired MS Office application (e.g. Excel) and access the Smart View options dialogue to set the new Shared Connections URL
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            I, myself had tried the steps mentioned in the Oracle document but found that it is not working as mentioned. I am on version

            Priya / Mehmet,

            Can you please help me with it if you have figured any other way for doing the same.


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            Ok, I figured out !!! I was looking at a wrong file.