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    apple computer users

      Hi I am a flight attendant for United Airlines and can not access my company's software that is supported by Java from my apple computer as of today 2/1/2013. Apple has blocked Java on Macs due to vulnerabilities. Is there a fix for this? Help!!!
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      article in USA Today 2/1/2013
      NEW YORK (AP) — Some Mac users were taken by surprise Thursday as their computers stopped running programs written using the Java programming language after Apple blocked Java due to security problems.

      Java allows programmers to write a wide variety of Internet applications and other software programs and run them on most computers, including Apple's Mac. However, earlier this month the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommended disabling Java in Web browsers to avoid potential hacking attacks. Oracle, which owns Java, has issued updates that fix known vulnerabilities, but the DHS expects that there are more flaws in Java's coding.

      Apple sends out virtual "blacklists" to Internet-connected Macs, instructing them not to run certain programs. Apple is blocking the latest version of Java from running on the most recent versions of its Mac operating system, and blocking an older version, Java 6, from running on the older version of its Mac system, called Snow Leopard. The blocks affect programs and online games that use Java in Web browsers.

      Oracle had no immediate comment on Apple's action.

      Among those Java users inconvenienced by the unannounced block was the photo department of The Associated Press, which relies on a Java application to manage and distribute photos.

      "The situation caught us by surprise and a number of our machines could not operate for a time, but we had enough capability to work around the problem in the meantime," said AP spokesman Paul Colford. "We expect the affected machines to be operating by day's end."
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          Well isn't Apple just sweet.
          I wish my computer were remotely controlled by a company.

          I hope Apple gets sued for this.

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            Kayaman wrote:
            Well isn't Apple just sweet.
            I wish my computer were remotely controlled by a company.

            I hope Apple gets sued for this.
            They have been sued for a lot less.

            But if Oracle were capable of releasing software that wasn't riddled with security bugs, it wouldn't be necessary to block the java browser plugin.

            To the OP, you can ask if your company have a link to a webstart version of the application, or if they have a link to allow you to download the application directly, the block only affects applets that run in the browser plugin, not the JRE, and not the JDK.