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    DB PSU patch installation in crs

      Hello : I have done crs PSU patch installation before in a Oracle RAC enviroinment. But, if I have to apply rdbms PSU patch to crs, what is the process?

      do I need to unlock crs/rdbms ...

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          Normally this is documented in the patch README: did you check instructions for Clusterware (10g) or Grid Infrastructure (11g) ?
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            it did not have a corresponding crs installation procedure. Also, there are few other patches that are installed in crs, but in the readme it says install in oracle home.
            it is a 11gr2 crs installation.

            Question, is what are the process to install a patch in crs, when it is not listed in the readme... like unlock crs etc
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              Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

              the database PSU is normally bundles in the GI PSU. So there is no need to apply the RDBMS PSU to the GI home (only vice versa, there are some GI parts needed in the DB Home, like the srvctl utility).

              So refer to the GI PSU how to install, it should contain all necessary information.

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                example, to apply Jan 2013

                as Root


                #to patch CRS/GI only
                $GI_HOME/OPatch/opatch auto /u01/patch/14727347 -oh $ORACLE_HOME -ocmrf /u01/rsp/ocm.rsp

                #to patch DB only

                $GI_HOME/OPatch/opatch auto /u01/patch/14727347 -oh $ORACLE_HOME -ocmrf /u01/rsp/ocm.rsp


                if you want to patch CRS and DBHOME

                $GI_HOME/OPatch/opatch auto /u01/patch/14727347 -ocmrf /u01/rsp/ocm.rsp
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                  Hello. Thanks for the responses. One more question.
                  I need to apply patch listed below. Since we have 11gr2 clusterware, it looks like this dbms patch will need to be applied to crs oracle home, not database home. Especially, since it is a NET patch, and in 11gr2 listener runs from grid home.

                  Oracle Database 11g Release
                  ORACLE NET Patch for Bug# 13843062 for Linux-x86-64 Platforms

                  But, in the installation doc, there is not mention of locking crs etc..... is that not needed?
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                    I did downloaded the patch and readme is clear that is only a RDBMS patch.

                    Give a try and check if the issue is gone.

                    If you have questions, you should ask Oracle SR were they instruct you to apply the patch.

                    As a recommendation.

                    Test in other system first, some one-off patch cause conflict with CPU/PSU and you need oracle support to generate a new one, or to confirm the patch is included in the CPU/PSU