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    PSU Patch

      Hi all,

      I have been tasked with applying PSU patch (14727315 ) to our .5 system which will bring the oracle home to We are running single instances with no ASM.
      The test server where I will need to apply this patch has 8 instances all running off the same oracle home. One of the other DBA’s here has told me that I can apply this patch to the server without having to shutdown anything so the plan is/was to apply the patch software to the oracle home and then bounce each of the databases in turn when we get down time from the QA team i.e to run the catbundle.sql.
      But, I have a feeling he is wrong and this is why I am confused.
      The read me doc that accompanied the patch states “If this is not a RAC environment, shut down all instances and listeners associated with the Oracle home that you are updating.” So taking this into account I will need downtime from the QA team on all instances that use this oracle home, so it is not possible to only apply the software and then bounce each instance in turn.
      Am I correct in what I am saying?

      Kind Regards,