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    OIM 11G R2 - Lookup values and too long LDAP path


      I have a really strange problem that I can't figure out a workaround for.

      I've set up OIM 11G R2 with an AD Connector. I've also created a lookupvalue that imports groups from AD. I'm trying to create attributes on the User Form that will use the constrain functionality, i.e. LookupB is dependent on the selected value of LookupA.

      This is giving me an error saying that the lookupvalues got wrong Precision/Scale. I was able to create one of the lookup values( LookupA). I exported the sandbox, opened the USEREO.xml file, and found that indeed, the precision for the lookup attribute that I created was set to Precision="80". The LDAP Path in the Lookup-value is 80+.

      I was able to change that attribute, but I can't do this when I try to create the next Lookup (LookupB). When I try to set the constrain, it gives me the Precision/Scale-error, and I'm not able to save at all (and not able to export the xml for change)

      To go straight to the question:

      - Does anyone know if it is possible to modify how OIM is creating the attributes?

      Please ask if something is unclear; I find it a bit difficult to explain this.

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