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    Reocords keeping system for hits on the resulltant queries....

      Hi Everyone,

      I am new to EndecaTechnology. In terms of Endeca consider the scenario ,"When Indexed data properly present inside the application" (Server) and at that time whatever request we are doing for any search term from different locations(clients). Where the endeca server actually stores the record for that. t.e. no. of hits for particular results, how many time particular record was searched.

      Is there any specific flat file or record file keeping

      We have to do some customization for record keeping the above data.(Please define any document , supportive plugins etc)g system present inside Endeca.
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          Pravin Chikhale

          Endeca does not store these type of analytics information for your application by default, you will need to use Endeca Logging API in your application code for this purpose. If you are using default application configuration created by Deployment template, there will be a logserver component included where application logs this information using Endeca Logging API.

          And for viewing all these reports you can use Endeca Workbench > Daily/Weekly report viewer.

          Log files will be stored in below location,
          *<Endeca installation>/apps/Discover/logs/logserver_output/LogServer.2012_11_16.20_18_39*

          and reports generated will be stored at,
          *<Endeca installation>/apps/Discover/reports*

          For more information refer below,


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