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    OTM and "Error! There is no report for this test"

      Hello all:
      I have Oracle Test Manager build 58 installed on a server. I have loaded an OpenScript script (saved from a desktop installation of OpenScript) into a test. I do a right-click on my test and select "Quick Run". I view the results which says that my test has "Failed". Clicking the run history link says "Error! There is no report for this test". In searching documentation and the web, I don't see how to correct this error, let alone associate a report with a test. I'm at a loss - what do I do?

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          Please check Oracle ATS release notes:
          See below:
          Problem: Oracle Test Manager fails to playback certain OpenScript scripts
          Resolution: The following additional steps are required in order to run the
          following types of OpenScript scripts from Oracle Test Manager:
          ■ Siebel Functional
          ■ Oracle Forms Functional
          ■ Web Functional scripts that rely on system input events, such as key press or
          mouse click
          ■ Web Functional scripts that display modal dialog windows
          It is necessary to run these scripts using an interactive desktop of a named
          Windows user account that is always logged in. See also Section 7.6,
          "Command-Line Script Execution" for additional information.
          1. For Siebel and Oracle Forms, the named user's account must have visited the
          Siebel or Oracle Forms site at least once to ensure that all necessary ActiveX
          controls and plug-ins are installed in the named user's browser.
          2. On the Oracle Test Manager agent machine that will run the scripts, stop the
          "Oracle Application Testing Suite Agent Service" and configure it to start
          3. On the Oracle Test Manager agent machine, login as the named Windows user
          account that will run the scripts. From a command prompt, run the following
          all as one command. The .conf file is an argument for the .exe.
          C:\OracleATS\agentmanager\bin\AgentManagerService.exe -c
          where C:\OracleATS is the OATS installed folder.
          4. The named user account must remain logged into the system at all times that
          scripts will be run.

          And see if it can help.

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            Deepu Muraleedharan

            Open services.msc from run and stop Oracle ATS Agent service and change startup type to Manual. Then run C:\OracleATS\agentmanager\bin\AgentManagerService.exe -c C:\OracleATS\agentmanager\bin\AgentManagerService.conf from cmd. Then try Quickrun from OTM

            Deepu M