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    IBM x 3850 X5 server

      IBM x 3850 X5 server

      RHEL 6 64 bit Host

      Rhel 4.8 Guest

      both OS running fine,

      i have configured

      ifcfg-eth1 and
      ifcfg-br0 files in host OS

      can i add another guest OS OEL 5.1 as guest, but i have only two NIC.

      If possible please guide me guys.

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          tholtorff - oracle
          Hi Santhanakrishnan,

          What technology are you using? Is it Oracle VM, LXC or OpenVZ?

          I've recently created OpenVZ containers on OEL6. I'm using Bridge connection (as you). On bridged interface I think you can create as much veth devices as you want (I have 6 VZ's with Debian, each is getting different IP address using DHCP).

          Kind regards,