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    Connecting CM14 to P6 EPPM R8.2


      Can anyone help with configuring both ends of the connection between CM14 and EPPM? I have got CM14 up and running with BI Publisher OK, and also have EPPM R8.2 installed using the configuration wizard defaults including web services. The back end database is SQL Server.

      I have been reading the CM14 Installation Guide section "Configuring SChedule Database Information for MS SQL Server" and I am confident that the various parameters I have put in via the CM Administration utility are correct. I am however not sure about the "URL" and "Pass Phrase" values.

      My initial P6 login URL is


      so I assume that the connection URL wanted by CM14, following the example in the install guide, would be


      but this gives an HTTP error 500 if I try to test it in a browser...

      Also, I don't remember supplying a "pass phrase" during the P6 install, and I can't see anything that looks like a "pass phrase" anywhere in the P6 Administrator utility.

      There is also a facility in the Adminiistration functions of P6 (on the General tab) to connect to CM going the other way - it is looking for a URL but i have no idea what this might be, I can't find anything in the P6 or CM documentation that explains what this might be, and I have also been unable to locate anything relevant in the Knowledge Base

      Can anyone offer any tips, or point me at a relevant article ID in the KB?
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          I have now resolved this.

          Firstly, the documentation in the media kit on the edelivery cloud is out of date - you need to grab the latest version from the Oracle site which covers several things that were omitted from the original version.

          Second, you need to get hold of Document ID914068.1 from the Oracle KB, which specifically covers linking P6 and CM together and covers it in way more detail than the manual, with screenshots and sample URLs

          At this point things still didn't work. I then did the following:

          * Set up a user in P6 with the same uid/pwd as the user I was using to log into CM, and granted them rights to a bunch of projects/resources
          * Altered the name of the JDBC datasource in WebLogic that pointed to the P6 database to exactly match the actual name of the database used by my P6 installation, since it was not "PMDB" as shown in the docs

          I am not sure whether the last item is strictly necessary, but at this point I could map a P6 project to a project in CM, display the schedule etc.

          I have not yet tried importing CM data back into P6