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    Oracle Retail Analytics


      i would like to setup the Standard reports of Oracle Retail Analytics in OBIEE
      can anyone explain, how do i get the data from RMS(Oracle retail merchandising system) to Retail Analytics,
      and the sequence of batch files needs to be executed for populating the Retail Analytics tables.
      how can i get to know the mapping between RMS to Retail Analytics.

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          Hi Prasanthi,

          RA uses ODI jobs to extract data from RMS. There are 3 stages/sequences of batches need to be executed to get the data into RA DB.
          You can refer to RA documents ( Operation guide, data model ). Operation guide will give information about SDE's and SDE batches are used to extract data from RMS side.

          To load the complete data from RMS to RA, users has to perform the below:

          run SDE batches -> SIL batches -> PLP batches.

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            Thanks Savitha.

            Please let me know,
            just to view the Standard reports provided with Retail Analytics (RA), Is there any sample data exists for the RA??