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    DB Object property sheet - Connection Busy. Try Again

    Keith Bines
      SQLDeveloper - Windows 7, various 11g r1 and r2 databases. jdev version is jdk1.6.0_34

      Whenever I open a Table, View or Materialized View property sheet and click on the Data tab, I get a popup dialogue "Connection is currently busy. Try Again" If I press Abort then this message will just repeat. If I press Try Again the data will appear. This happens on various databases both running remote servers and a local db installed on the same machine as sqldeveloper.

      To try to gather debug information I ran sqldeveloper from teh command line @ C:\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.exe as per the sticky instructions in this forum. However :-) running sqldeveloper form this executable never gives the error.

      How do I stop this error message?