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    ejb2 in jee6 application on weblogic 12c


      We are planning migration from wls 9.2 to wls 12c. Our applications use some Session and Entity ejb's of type 2. I have had no success to build clear image of implications of using ejb2 in jee6 application.

      1) According specification ejb2 and earlier versions are supported in jee6. Does wls 12c offer ejb2 support so that I can migrate, recompile and deploy my current ejb2's as they are from 9.2 to 12c?
      2) Do you have some experiments or points for use/not-to-use of ejb2 in Jee6 application. I see that there are many technical and practical advantages to migrate every ejb to ejb3.1 and jpa but...
      3) Where I could find documents (for wls) of packaging, writing client side code etc. of ejb2 in jee6 application.

      Your help would be very useful.