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    Session state is not being saved.

      Hi Guru, et al,

      I am using tabs (i.e. tab navigational list) when updating a row. When I update an item, and then click on a tab to go to another section of data, the item does not save the updated value when I go back to the item via tab. (I checked the session)

      DB: 10g Rel 2.3
      APEX: 4.1.2

      I put the application on APEX.ORACLE.COM:

      Workspace: RGWORK
      Application: CSRSR (60220)
      Username: TESTER
      Password: test123
      Page : 8

      1.Run application
      2. click on only available choice (Creative Services Design) in menu
      3. Modal page of outstanding requisitions
      4. Click the edit icon to the left of zazaza
      5. Change project title
      6. Click on another tab such as Delivery or Purpose and click back to Project
      7. value is back to orginal value.

      What am I doing wrong???