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    Tabular Form Column Comparison II


      In APEX 4.1 I'm trying to do something similar to this thread: Tabular form: compare two column fields where I need to do a validation on two columns in a tabular form. This works for two columns that are text box columns but I can't get it to work when comparing to a display only column. For the validation, I have it set as a "PL/SQL Expression" and my expression is: :CURRENT_VALUE > :PREV_VALUE where CURRENT_VALUE is a text box column that accepts user input and PREV_VALUE is a display only column.

      Regardless of the input, the row is updated without any errors raised; it seems to treat the display only value as empty and does the comparison with an empty value. The only workaround that I was able to come up with was to do the comparison in an on update trigger and raise an error if the validation fails; but the result isn't as nice as the built in validation features of APEX.

      Any insight into how to get this to work using APEX validation is greatly appreciated.

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          Joni Vandenberghe
          Display only columns are only for display and are not saved in the session when you submit, so you can't access them with pl/sql.

          So either do the validation in javascript/jQuery or, and this is prefered if you ask me, make it a text field and set it on read only.
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            I had previously tried setting the column to a text box but I didn't see an option to make it read only. But after reading your response it got me thinking that maybe I was missing something and then I remembered that I have the ability to set the element attribute and so I tried setting it to read only and sure enough it worked. So thank you for your response.