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    OBIEE 11g No fact table exists at the requested level of detail

    Chris McKinnon
      Hi, I'm having a problem with a simple subject area that causes issues with measures from two fact tables.

      - I have two fact tables (Signon_A and Signon_B) and two dimension tables (Calendar and Employee)
      - Signon_A and Signon_B are both joined to Employee through Employee_Key
      - Signon_A and Signon_B are both joined to Calendar through Date_Key
      - Both fact tables have non-aggregated and aggregated facts (specific start and stop dates as well as an aggregated duration)

      When I create an analysis using Signon_A.start_date, signon_A.stop_date and signon_A.duration as well as Employee.Name and Calendar.Date the analysis runs fine. If I add Signon_B.duration it also runs fine but when I add Signon_B.start_date the analysis breaks with the 'no fact table exists' error.

      There are some hieararchies created (Employee and Calendar) but I didn't think that i had to worry about this because I'm using common dimensions between the two tables. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?