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    Restore Essbase from filesystem backup


      I have 2 identical Essbase servers that hosts 5 applications. OS is RHEL 5.7, version Essbase is

      My question is most likely theoretical. I'm just trying to understand what I have to do in case of any problem.

      Imagine that there is some problem with the 1st server. But I somehow have got all files from its filesystem. How can I restore Essbase on the 2nd server from that filesystem backup? The problem is the 2nd server is already hosting 3 of 5 applications and they are running. So it has own agent and that agent knows nothing about that restored applications that i've placed on a filesystem 2nd server.
      More precisely, I have applications /opt/hyperion/user_projects/ epmsystemesb1 /EssbaseServer/essbaseserver1/app/HR on the 1st server.
      And running application /opt/hyperion/user_projects/ epmsystemesb2 /EssbaseServer/essbaseserver1/app/CONSOL one the 2nd.
      If I placed files epmsystemesb1 to the 2nd server, how could I register it in agent in order to run it?

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      P.S. Of course, I have a backup, but I'm trying to restore as quickly as possible the actual copy.

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          There are two separate essbase instances which are both individually registered to Shared Services, each instance will have different applications registered and provisioning with Shared Services, also different .sec files so you can't really just copy a backup from one server to another if the app does not exist.
          If you have not already done so it is worth looking through different backup/recovery strategies in the essbase section of the following doc - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/epm_backup_recovery_11121/frameset.htm?launch.html


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            Thank you, John!

            I realized that what I said was the issue of building the high availability system. And if I want to launch essbase on the 2nd server as fast as possible I should configure my system properly before that. This configuration is called Active-Passive Essbase Clusters. And of course this solution is more complicated than my assumed possibility of registration essbase in an agent.

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